The Artists

We are pleased that we have confirmed some of the leading international and national Rueda & Cuban dance teachers in the UK and aboard. It is important that we find the right balance of teachers so we can bring to you not just Rueda de Casino but some of the other wonderful styles in Cuban popular and folkloric dance.

Here are some of the confirmed teachers & DJ’s for Rueda Fest 2020 we will keep you up to date on new teachers. If you want to know more about them click there name which will take you to their Facebook page.


Jaro Hluch (Slovakia)

Carlton Thomas and Sue Marchant (UK)

Sassan Ito (Germany)

Jose Barretto (USA)

Sacha Defrancia (France/UK)

Noe & Diego (Spain/UK)

Olga Taylor (UK)

Craig Dolder (USA/UK)

Patricia D’Souza (UK)

Anna Gorbaciene and Roman Go (Lithuania/UK)