The Artists

Here are some of the leading international and national Rueda & Cuban dance teachers in the UK and aboard booked for the festival.

It is important that we find the right balance of teachers so we can bring to you not just Rueda de Casino but some of the other wonderful styles in Cuban popular and folkloric dance.

Keep checking our website or Facebook for updates on teachers & DJ’s booked to appear at of Rueda Fest 2020 festival.


Click Sassan Ito

Click Carlton Thomas and Sue Marchant

Click Tanja Siebert



Click Diego Fuentes Utrilla and Noe Roderick

Click Olga Taylor

Click Craig Dolder

Click Roman Go and Anna Gorbaciene

Click Enrique Perez Valdes

Click Jose Barretto

Click Sacha Defrancia

Click Iria Luz Suarez

Click Patricia De Souza