Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner

Join us at our Gala Dinner at the Holiday Inn Hotel Brighton Seafront on the Saturday evening, arrival is at 7.30pm sharp and we will be finishing at 9.30pm ready to party, the menu has a starter, main course and desert which involves a choice of vegetarian options.

The Gala Dinner can be booked separately online via the ticket page please note as we only have 50 spaces this will be on a first come first served basis.

Due to the success of the sold out Gala Dinner @ Rueda Fest 2019 we have added this to the festival again as we know with everyone rushing around over the weekend sometime it’s impossible to have a decent conversation with old and new friends we have just met or met at other weekend festival in an out of the UK, so this is a chance to chill, eat, drink, mingle, network and exchange ideas.

We have also included complimentary Red & White Wine, Bottled Water within the 3 Course Gala Meal package all for just £30 per person.

We will be launching the actual menu later this year in June/ July 2020 but below is an example of the menu for Rueda Fest 2019

Some of the dishes may contain allergens therefore if you have intolerance to any food or drinks please let us know as soon as possible via our contacts page. Thanks


Here is the menu of our Gala Dinner at Rueda Fest 2020